Got $25 burning a hole in your pocket and persuasive writing skills?

This $1.7 million home in Canada could be yours.

Alla Wagner wants to downsize. She lives in a 3,800-square-foot home in Millarville, Alberta with three stories and beautiful mountain views, but she's looking for something smaller and more accessible due to a back injury and chronic illness, according to the Calgary Sun. But she had a hard time finding a buyer, so she developed a contest: "Write a Letter, Win a House."

Those interested in winning the house should send Wagner $25 and write a heartfelt letter of no more than 350 words explaining why they would love to live in her house.

Why the letter? 

Wagner said she's looking for a story that moves her.

"I want it to be someone that's going to enjoy the place and is going to love being here and fit in with the neighbourhood, because the neighbours are incredible people," she told CBC.

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According to the contest rules, the total of the contest entry fees must reach the $1.7 million value of the home. If the dollar amount isn't reached, the contest will be canceled and entrants will be refunded. The contest runs through April 5 but may be extended another three months if the entry fees are close to the minimum dollar amount. There will be 500 finalists "reviewed by an independent panel of judges" to determine the winner.

In order to reach the required $1.7 million in $25 entry fees, at least 68,000 people must enter the contest. Wagner said 5 percent of the profits will be donated to the Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter.