Earlier this week, I came home from World Market with two bags full of Christmas goodies for my loved ones, and within seconds my dog had found not just one, but BOTH toys I'd gotten for him (he literally dug his tiny face into the plastic bags and pulled them both out), and for some reason I felt really annoyed that he'd ruined the "surprise," even though he's a 12-pound 7-year-old shih tzu with the memory span of a goldfish.

Anyway, that's proof that I'm just one of the thousands of Americans who are planning on spoiling their furry friends with holiday gifts this year. According to a recent survey, half of Americans are buying holiday gifts for their pets, and they'll be spending an average of $137 on the gifts.

The survey revealed the most common gifts are new treats or toys, followed by festive holiday clothes. Dogs are more likely than cats to receive gifts, according to the survey.

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